Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Quality, Responsibility and Unity underpin the way we conduct business, how we engage with business partnerships and how we interact with people in our communities.

We value education and enhancing our people’s skills and are focused on creating a learning organization for our employees through training and empowerment.

There is a strong commitment by the group to help the communities in which we operate and our social and philanthropic efforts support a myriad of causes that are close to our hearts. The group has always promoted social responsibility and community help from its commencement and continues to do so today.

Von Roy Group views good citizenship as a full-time commitment with key goals and accountability to our community.

Von Roy Group has five core values which underpin the way we conduct business. These core values are entrenched in how we do business, make decisions & interact with people in our community.

Our team offers significant experience and expertise across many industries and covers a global footprint. With this comes extensive networks and relationships as well as a successful and proven track record in business.

All levels of management and staff within the Von Roy Group are committed to providing quality service and products and have the necessary expertise to effectively and efficiently manage a diverse range of businesses.

We are committed to enhancing our people’s skills and talents and continue to invest heavily in education and staff development. We have a continuous and ongoing training and education program across all sectors.